Features of the Business Card Reader web version


What features are available in the web version of Business Card Reader?


In Business Card Reader for Web it is possible to: 

  • View the entire business cards database from BCR for iOS and Android mobile apps.
  • View the front and back sides and the contact photo of business cards. 
  • Edit cards.
  • Update notes.

Note: The processing capacity of 200 cards is not a limitation but a recommendation. You can store more than 200 cards. 

Additional information

How to get web access to business card database in BCR application

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    Will the online site be synched with the phone app?

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hello KG,

    Yes, synchronization will automatically launch when you run the app or log in to your BCR Web account.

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    Jonas Wennerberg

    Hi, will there be an future version where I can add cards in the web version and it will sync with app? 

    Been hoping for an realize of more then 200 cards for an while. 

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    Victoria Dvornikova

    Hi Jonas,

    I have forwarded your suggestion about the possibility of adding cards via the Web version to our R&D team. Thank you!


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