How to get web access to your business card database?

ABBYY BCR Web is a web interface of ABBYY Cloud service which allows you to view and edit the business cards recognized within ABBYY Business Card Reader for iOS and Android.

To get web access to your database from ABBYY Business Card Reader for iOS and Android:

  1. Turn on synchronization in the ABBYY BCR app on your mobile device:
    1. Go to Settings;
    2. Choose Synchronization menu;
    3. Register using an email and a password. Synchronization turns on automatically after you register.
  2. Go to your PC:
    1. Open;
    2. Log in using the email and password you registered with in the mobile app;
    3. Hold on for just a moment while the database downloads for the first time: the first download may take a bit longer.

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