How to open CSV-file with business cards database?

Normally a CSV file generated in ABBYY Business Card Reader 2.0 for Windows, BCR for iOS and Android can be opened by a simple double click. If you are facing any difficulties in opening the file the described way, or opening CSV-file using MS Excel, please follow the steps:

  1. Run MS Excel;
  2. Open blank workbook;
  3. Go to tab Data and select From Text;
  4. In Import Text file Window select BusinessCards.csv file and press “Import”;
  5. In Text Import Wizard window mark checkbox “Delimited” and press “Next” button;
  6. Select Tab and Semicolon as delimiters and press “Next” button;
  7. Select General as Column data format and press “Finish” button;
  8. Select how you want to view data in workbook and press “OK”.

The delimiters set suggested in step 6 may slightly differ depending on the region. You can always control the output in the Data Preview window to select the needed delimiters.

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