How to restore password from ABBYY Account in BCR for Android?

To restore password from ABBYY Account please follow the steps below:

  1. Run BCR for Android;
  2. Go to Settings > ABBYY Account;
  3. Select Log in > Forgot your password?;
  4. Enter email address associated with your account and press OK;
  5. You will recieve an email with the password reset link. Open the email with the link in the Gmail application on device with the BCR for Android application installed;
  6. Tap Reset password button;
  7. In the pop-up window select Chrome browser;
  8. You will be automatically redirected to ABBYY Account webpage where you will be able to set a new password;
  9. Then go to BCR for Android application > Settings > ABBYY Account and Log in with new credentials.
  10. If pop-up window does not appear, please remove a default browser setting on your device:
    1. Navigate to movile device Settings;
    2. Select Applications or Application Manager;
    3. Swipe over to the All applications list;
    4. Select the browser, which you had selected by default;
    5. Tap Clear Defaults.

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