How to save a backup copy of the Cardholder from BCR for Android?

With use of backup you can save cards from your Cardholder to PC and then restore them on your mobile device. It can be useful if you change your mobile device, your mobile device was lost or broken.

To back up your CardHolder data:

  1. Start the app;
  2. Tap Settings;
  3. Select Backup and Restore > Backup contacts
  4. In the opened message you will see the directory where the backup was saved (by default the backup.sqlite file is saved to sdcard/ABBYY/Bcr/Backup/);
  5. Save this file on your computer or on a flash drive.

Once backed up, your Cardholder data can be easily restored:

  1. Copy the backup.sqlite file to sdcard/ABBYY/Bcr/Backup/ folder;
  2. Start the app;
  3. Tap Settings;
  4. Select Backup and Restore > Restore contacts

Note: After you restore the contacts all cards in the Cardholder and in the ABBYY Account will be deleted and replaced by contacts from backup file.

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