What is the difference between ABBYY FineScanner and ABBYY BookScanner?

Note: In December 2019 ABBYY announces the end of life of the BookScanner iOS app. More information about how to continue using the app is published in the article.

  • The key difference is that with BookScanner user automatically scans in the book scanning mode, there’s no need to turn it on.
  • BookScanner has enhanced server algorithms.
  • BookScanner is a paid app, while FineScanner has a paid and a free version.
  • BookScanner will only be released for iOS for the time being, while FineScanner has iOS and Android versions.
  • The new app is the result of user research, it’s created as an answer to a more specific need our users have and a more specific range of use cases – those related to research and education. We hope BookScanner will fit the needs of students, professors and researchers, and will help us promote the new tech-powered methods of working with information: scanning->digitizing->searching->analyzing->actioning in education and research which are extremely important for our future.

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