How to use ABBYY FineScanner for Android

To process the document with ABBYY FineScanner for Android follow the steps below: 

  1. Run ABBYY FineScanner for Android;
  2. Press Camera button in the lower right corner of the screen
  3. Take images using device camera or select images from albums;
  4. When all images are added press ">" button in the lower right corner of the screen;
  5. If necessary crop or rotate image and select color mode using toolbar. Then press Next button;
  6. Enter document name, select format and press Save button. The list of document will be opened;
  7. To send image-only PDF file do the following:
    1. Press Menu button next to document’s name;
    2. Select Share > Send as or Send via email;
    3. Select format and quality and press OK;
    4. Select application to complete the action.
  8. To recognize the document do the following:
    1. Press violet Recognize button next to the document name;
    2. Select recognition language, text format and press Recognize the text button;
    3. Document will be sent to recognition. When recognition is completed, document will be marked with an icon of the chosen format;
    4. To open the document press this icon and select the application;
    5. To send recognized document press Menu > Share > Send as or Send via email and select required format.

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