How can I listen recognized text in TextGrabber?

There are two ways to listen recognized text: using VoiceOver or using Speech option.

To recognize and read the text on the images in TextGrabber with VoiceOver do the following:

  1. Open your mobile device Settings;
  2. Select Accessibility > VoiceOver;
  3. The switch next to Voice Over must be on;
  4. Tap the Home button;
  5. Find TextGrabber in the list of applications and double tap the icon to open the application;
  6. Double tap Camera button to take the picture;
  7. Double tap Done button in upper right corner of the screen to recognize the photo. Recognized text will be automatically pronounced by VoiceOver.

To listen recognized text using Speech option do the following:

  1. Open your mobile device Settings;
  2. Select Accessibility > Spoken Content;
  3. Turn on options Speak Selection and Speak Screen;
  4. Tap the Home button;
  5. Run TextGrabber;
  6. Capture image using device camera;
  7. Press Done button to recognize the text. Recognized text will be automatically pronounced.

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