FineReader requests activation on a workstation

The following message may appear when you first launch the program on the workstation:
The license <serial number>/<workstation index> is scheduled for activation by the license server <SERVERNAME>.

If Per Seat licenses are activated in the License Manager, a copy of FineReader can request a license in two cases:

  1. If the computer hosting the Licensing Server did not have an internet connection when the program was installed on workstation.
  2. If port 80 was blocked on the computer hosting the License Server. This port is used to establish a connection between ABBYY activation and registration server.

In both cases, a license is assigned to the workstation, but the license is not activated. The license gets the Installed on <WorkstationName> status in the License Manager. Activate the license on the workstation using any of the available activation methods.

If concurrent licenses are activated in the License Manager, the copy of ABBYY FineReader Corporate on the workstation should not request activation. If it does, the administrative installation point used to install ABBYY FineReader Corporate on the workstation was not created correctly.

In this case, you should create a new administrative installation point as described in the System Administrator's Guide and reinstall ABBYY FineReader Corporate on the workstation.

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