Trial version for Cloud OCR SDK

To start using ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK free trial, just go to and press a big red button "Start free trial now". Then you need to follow the instructions and register your application. After the registration you will receive your password via email. Application ID is the name of your application. The Application ID and Application Password are required by the OCR service for each request for authorization. See the Authentication article for details.

When you create your first application, you automatically get Free Test Set available for this application. This test set consists of 500 A4 pages (or 2500 fields, or 250 business cards). The trial set is valid for 90 days from the registration date. After evaluating the service, if you plan to continue its using, you should purchase as much pages as you need on the Plans and pricings web-page.

There is also a way to get free pages by sharing your experience. Please find out more information in the Get Free section of your ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK account’s console.

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