Cloud OCR SDK limitations for input files

There are the following limitations for input files:

  • A file size should be less than 30 Mb. If you need to process multipage document exceeding this limit, use sequential calls of the submitImage and the processDocument methods. If you need to process one-page document exceeding this limit, you can use the processRemoteImage method.
  • To recognize PDF files that are protected with password on opening/rasterizing/text copy, it is necessary to provide the password. You need specify it in the pdfPassword parameter of the processing method.
  • ABBYY technology is not able to open images larger than 32512*32512 pixels.
  • An application with positive balance are allowed to upload the images/pages up to double rest of the available credits. Please see Why do I get “Error 450: Exceeded quota to add images” while testing Cloud OCR SDK performance? for more details.

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    Henrik Nielsen

    What is the lowest recommendable size for a business cards scan in order to speed up processing?


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