Purchasing the credits for Cloud OCR SDK

Currently there are two possible options to purchase pages for Cloud OCR SDK:

1) for standard volumes payment is performed via PayPal or 2Checkout. This purchase procedure is fully automated. If you do not have the PayPal or 2Checkout account, you will have a possibility to create it in the opened page during the payment procedure. Please see Online purchase guide for details.

In case of PayPal you can get the PDF invoices for every your purchase to your email if you enable the "Send PDF invoices for every completed purchase" option in the Invoice settings of your Account settings. Also you can get the invoices for your previous purchases in the Purchases history section. Click on the corresponding link in the Order# column.

In case of 2Checkout the invoice will be sent automatically to the billing email address provided during ordering. For each completed order, a payment receipt will also be sent automatically to the billing email address provided.

2) for contractual cases (more than 100 000 pages for the period of time) you can contact your region sales manager to discuss more convenient conditions of using our service.

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    Nikolay Kussovski

    Each time I try to buy a package, I get unexpected error. Then I receive a message that I have made the payment, but the pages in the dashboard are not updated.
    Please advise!
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    Elitza Bratkova

    I have the same problem. I've been charged 4 times and the package is not added to the account. After contacting 2checkout support they've escalated to ABBYY that product is not delivered and still no resolution.

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    Typical user help, useless! These types of articles are just written to get a salary, they help no-one

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    The same problem, unexpected error, the payment charged, and didn't see anything in my dashboard. Wrote to the support. He said, no payment was found in the internal system. Still waiting for the response. Already send the invoice.

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    Yeah. I asked for an invoice, and all they tell me is how I can purchase new volume. Useless customer service.


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