PDF cannot be processed because it "has access restrictions and cannot be added to the document"

The "File … has access restrictions and cannot be added to the document" error message is returned when you try to process a PDF file which is protected by password. ABBYY uses APDFL for rasterization and content extracting of PDF documents, and if these actions are prohibited, the library does not allow to perform them not to infringe copyright.

If you know the password, specify it in the pdfPassword parameter of the processing method. If you do not know the password, try a workaround: if printing is allowed for the file, print it with some virtual printer software into one of the image formats accepted by ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK and process the images instead of PDFs.

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    c attal


    which error will be received in C#? This will occur only on process step or this could also happen on preprocess?

    Thank you


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