Failed to run license ... There are no free licenses

This message may appear if too many instances of the application are running at the same time. The number of instances cannot exceed the CPU core limit indicated in your license's properties. In order to expand the CPU core limit please contact your local sales manager.

You can use the CPU cores in shared mode. In this mode, any number of processes can be run. In order to use CPU cores in shared mode

FineReader Engine 12, FlexiCapture Engine 12

Set the IsSharedCPUCoresMode parameter of the initializeEngine function to TRUE during initialization.

 int hresult = initializeEngine(customerProjectId, licensePath, licensePassword, "", "", true, ref engine);

FineReader Engine 10, FlexiCapture Engine 11

Load FREngine with an empty license number, then set MultiProcessingParams properties, then set current license with the appropriate serial number. 

IEngine engine = engineLoader.Load("", "");
engine.MultiProcessingParams.SharedCPUCoresMode = true;
engine.SetCurrentLicense(engine.Licenses.Item(0), licenseNo);

 FineReader Engine 11, Receipt Capture 1

Set the IsSharedCPUCoresMode parameter of the GetEngineObjectEx function to TRUE during initialization. If you need shared core usage, setting this mode at initialization time is safer. Formerly, the cores were loaded as isolated and then transferred to shared, which could cause problems when starting several applications at once.  

IEngine engine = engineLoader.GetEngineObjectEx(developerSN, DataDir, TempDir, true, null, null);

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