Project ID

What to do if "Incorrect Project ID" message appears?

For FineReader Engine 11 and FlexiCapture Engine 11

A Project ID is the serial number of a Master Developer License. Master Developer Licenses are assigned to business projects and contain a number of Developer and Runtime Licenses. If the only license used during development is a single Developer License, the serial number of this license becomes the Project ID.

The Project ID should be passed to the GetEngineObject function, otherwise, the "Incorrect Project ID" error will occur.

For FineReader Engine 12, FlexiCapture Engine 12 and FlexiCapture 12 SDK

Project ID is a string, containing 20 letter or numeric characters. It is an unique sequence which identifies your licensed copy of FineReader Engine. This sequence is passed as a parameter to InitializeEngine() function. 

Each Project ID has a set of tied license numbers. License numbers can be obtained from ABBYY sales manager. One Project ID may have many tied license numbers. One license number may have only one corresponding Project ID

If you have an activated license in your License Manager, but receive "Incorrect Project ID" message, it means that this license is not tied to the same Project ID, which is specified in your application source code. Please correct the application source code, InitializeEngine() function parameters.

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