Deactivating a license of FineReader Engine

ABBYY FineReader/FlexiCapture Engine license can be deactivated, and then activated on another computer. Please note that the number of allowed deactivations is limited by your license.

The deactivation can be performed only by the Internet. Deactivation is carried out automatically and takes a few seconds. An Internet connection is required. "Deactivate by e-mail" option is not supported. Once the deactivation is complete, the license can be activated on another computer.

Internet Explorer is actually used for communication with the server. So if you need to deactivate ABBYY FineReader Engine using a proxy server, specify the correct proxy settings in Internet Explorer (Tools → Internet Options → the Connections tab).

It is possible to specify proxy settings in Internet Explorer for each connection. If direct access through a local area network without installation of additional connections is used, in this case, it is necessary to click the LAN settings button and in the opened dialog to specify settings for setup of a proxy. Unfortunately, it is impossible to specify a user name and the password in this dialog. In case of domain authorization, the current system user is used.

For deactivation you can use the following information to implement restricted access:

- destination address:

- port: 80

- protocol: HTTP

Deactivation takes very little time and is carried out with the help of a Deactivation Wizard. This wizard is built into the License Manager utility. During the deactivation, the Activation File (*.ABBYY.License file) which you receive from ABBYY during activation is deleted. Any copy of this file cannot be used for activation again.

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    Our server with the licenses is down and we don't know when it can be repaired...
    How can we deactivate the licenses without having access to the server and the License Manager software ?

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