Build sample application for Real-Time Recognition SDK

The samples can be open and built directly from the folder where they are. You need to do only a little configuring first:

For iOS:

1. Copy the assets folder into the Samples (Samples.Swift) folder.

2. Rename AbbyyRtrSdk.license file to simply license and move it from the License folder to the assets folder.

3. Unzip the framework file and copy AbbyyRtrSDK.framework into the TextCapture folder.

For Android:

1. Move the license file from the license folder to the assets folder.

2. Check that the license file name is specified correctly in the sample code:

public class MainActivity extends Activity {
    // Licensing
    private static final String licenseFileName = "license";

3. Copy the assets folder into the app/src/main folder in the sample folder.

For both:

4. [optional] To save space, you may also want to remove from assets/dictionaries the dictionaries for recognition languages your application does not use.

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