PDF versions

PDF version is specified in the property PDFExportParams.PDFExportFeatures.PDFVersion.

Note that the version should not conflict with the specified export parameters. The earliest version of the PDF file which matches the specified parameters of export should be selected as the version of the PDF file:

  • The earliest file version available is 1.3.
  • The PDF file version should be 1.4, if:
    • the PDFAComplianceMode property of the PDFExportParams object is PCM_Pdfa_1a or PCM_Pdfa_1b
  • The PDF file version should be 1.4 or higher, if:
    • at least one of the PermissionFillFormFieldsPermissionExtractTextAndGraphicsExtPermissionAssembleDocPermissionPrintExt properties of the PDFEncryptionInfo object is TRUE, or
    • the encryption key length exceeds 40 bits (see the KeyLength property of the PDFEncryptionInfo object), or
    • the WriteTaggedPDF property is TSPV_Yes, or
    • the WriteXmpMetadata property is TSPV_Yes, or
    • the BwPictureFormats property of the PDFPictureCompressionParams is BWPF_JBIG2 or BWPF_JBIG2Lossless.
  • The version should be 1.5 or higher, if
    • the ColorPictureFormats property of the PDFPictureCompressionParams is CPF_J2K, or
    • the GrayPictureFormats property of the PDFPictureCompressionParams is GPF_J2K.
  • The version should be 1.6 or higher, if:
    • the EncryptionAlgorithm property of the PDFEncryptionInfo object is PDFEA_AES128, or
    • OpenType fonts are used in output PDF file.
  • The version should be 1.7 or higher, if:
    • the EncryptionAlgorithm property of the PDFEncryptionInfo object is PDFEA_AES256.

The default value of this property is PVN_Auto which specifies that the version is detected automatically.

Note: input files of PDF directory type are not supported.

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