The Requested functionality is not available /allowed

This message appears if your program uses functionality that is not supported by your license.

To resolve this issue you will first have to find out which method is causing the error. You can do this by using the debug mode or by checking the log file.

For example, if the issue occurs:

  1. on a Process method call,
    • You might be using the Barcode/OMR license. In this case, use the ExtractBarcodes() method of the FRPage object instead of the Process() method of the FRDocument object.
    • Make sure that the language you are using is included in your license.
  2. on the Export method of the FRDocument object execution, try to change the export format.
  3. on one of the Predefined profiles, e.g. DA for Invoices is required by TextExtraction_Accuracy and TextExtraction_Speed.

To change the scope of your license please contact one of our sales managers.

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