Runtime license for distribution


What is a Runtime license? When and how it should be used?


In order to distribute the application to end-users, please obtain Runtime licenses from the sales manager.

The Runtime license has a number, different from the Developer license number. It is not required to modify the source code to put that different number inside the application. During all time of the Development process, starting from the code sample and ending with the production version, use the same Project ID for the InitializeEngine() method call.

For FineReader Engine 11 and FlexiCapture Engine 11

The Project ID is XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX-XXXX. It is the same as the Master Developer License.

For FineReader Engine 12 and FlexiCapture Engine 12.

The Project ID is a sequence of 20 letter-numeric characters. 

In order to use Runtime license, make sure that FineReader Engine licensing service is installed on the target computer and that the Runtime license is activated on that computer. The license manager will find the installed license automatically.

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