Recognizing Gothic text in FineReader Engine


How to recognize text written in Gothic?


FineReader Engine provides 6 languages to recognize Gothic type:

  1. LatvianGothic
  2. OldEnglish
  3. OldFrench
  4. OldGerman
  5. OldItalian
  6. OldSpanish

Use TT_Gothic text type and the mentioned languages' names to tune RecognizerParams object.

C# code

FREngine.IEngine engine;
FREngine.IFRDocument frdoc;
// We presume that the document has been created and images have been added to the document
// Create DocumentProcessingParams and set parameters
FREngine.IDocumentProcessingParams dpp = engine.CreateDocumentProcessingParams();
FREngine.IRecognizerParams rp = dpp.PageProcessingParams.RecognizerParams;
rp.TextLanguage = "OldFrench";
rp.TextTypes = TextTypeEnum.TT_Gothic;
// Perform processing
frDoc.Process( dpp );

FineReader XIX module should be enabled in your license.
In the License Manager, you can check whether the FineReader XIX module is actually enabled in the License Parameters > FineReader Engine API > Additional Languages section under your license. In case this module is disabled, please contact your sales manager.

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