How to get Text Coordinates in FineReader Engine


How to extract the coordinates of different objects?


  • Character
    To get character coordinates use the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom properties of the CharParams object.
  • Word
    To get word coordinates, use the Region property of the Word Object.
  • Paragraph
    To get paragraph coordinates use the Left, Top, Right, and Bottom properties of the Paragraph object.
  • Block
    To get block coordinates, use the Region property of the Block object.

Note: sometimes the coordinates of the objects are changed, compared to the original image. This happens because the image being OCRed might go through orientation and geometrical distortion corrections, such as deskew. To restore the original coordinates, please use the CoordinatesConverter object.

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    Steve Frierdich

    Are you referring to getting the coordinates of the word or line of text in the image?

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    Viacheslav (Slava) Prodan

    Dear Steve.

    I have created a request on your behalf so that our customer support staff can help answer your question.


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    Viacheslav Prodan


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