"ABBYY FineReader Engine is not licensed" in Linux

This error message appears if your software license is not found by Engine protection module.

The issue is most probably connected with the *.frelf file from the Bin subfolder is obtained for some other machine or you have performed some major software update (such as libc changing) or hardware upgrade on this machine and lost activation as the license file is bound to several parameters of your machine’s configuration.

If you don’t found the reason of these message, please provide us with the following information:

1. Could something have changed in software or hardware configuration since you activated the license? Were any major updates or reinstallations performed to the system? Is it possible that the number network interfaces or Mac-address change (it may occur if PPP-connection/VPN-tunneling is turned on sometimes)?

2. Please, send us the result of the command run:

cat /proc/net/dev

from this machine where the error -2147221230 (“ABBYY FineReader Engine is not licensed.”) message occurs.

• If there is a pan0 interface in the output, then Bluetooth is enabled on this machine. Please note that Bluetooth should be disabled during license activation and application execution.

• If there is virbr0, then the license becomes invalid because the license activation depends on the MAC-address.

3. Please perform the following steps:

1) Go to the /Bin subdirectory of the FineReader Engine 8.0 for Linux installation directory.

2) Run the following command:

sudo ./ActivateFRE

3) Select the activation procedure via e-mail (manual activation), i.e., choose 2.

4) Enter your license number.

5) Send the generated e-mail body starting from "FineReader Engine .. ACTIVATION FORM" to "cut here---".

4. Please provide us with the current network setting (including MAC-address). It may get by using the command ifconfig.

5. Have you ever activated any earlier release of FREngine on the same machine?

6. Provide us the information about your OS configuration: the version of the OS, the kernel version for Linux. Do you use the virtual machine?

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