IPE: Assertion failed: ( ) ../Src/ResourceInfo.cpp, 507

Following error messages appear during launching of FineReader Pro for Mac:

IPE: Assertion failed: ( ) ../Src/ResourceInfo.cpp, 507

IPE: Assertion failed: ( ) ../Volumes/Storage/BuildServer/buildAgent/work/ 75fffd6f7e656954/Shell/Products/FineReaderMacOS/Components/FRMacOSWrapper/
Src/GlobalInstances.cpp, 38

The issue is fixed in the last release of FineReader Pro for Mac. For correct work of the program, please reinstall it using the distribution kit of the last release. 

You can download the distribution kit of the last release by the link in the article.

If you purchased your copy of FineReader Pro for Mac in Mac App Store, you can get product update there.

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