Scanning without a GUI display

You can scan several images without a GUI display. To do so

  • Create a ScanManager object.
  • Collect all scanners, that can scan without user interface.
  • Set source setting multipleImagesEnabled = true.
  • Call Scan method with suitable parameters.


The sample code in C#:

IScanManager scanManager = engineLoader.Engine.CreateScanManager();
FREngine.ScanSourceUITypeEnum UiType = ScanSourceUITypeEnum.SSUIT_All;
FREngine.ScanSourceApiTypeEnum ApiType = ScanSourceApiTypeEnum.SSAT_All;

IScanSources sources = scanManager.FindScanSources(UiType, ApiType);
IScanCallback callBack = new ScanningCallback();

//use Item( 0) if you have only one scanner
IScanSource source = sources.Item( 0 );
IScanSourceSettings settings = source.ScanSettings;
settings.MultipleImagesEnabled = true;

source.Scan(ScanSourceUITypeEnum.SSUIT_None, @"D:\scanned_images", callBack);

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