FineObjects::Unhandled Internal Error: No such file or directory


A. There are no permission rights to the /tmp directory, where FREngine creates the temporary files. 
B. FREngine distribution is corrupted.


A. Check permission rights to /tmp directory.
B. Make sure that some parts or files from the distribution kit have not been deleted.


If the issue still occurs, please send the following information to the technical support service.

  1. the build number of FRE for Mac distribution. 
  2. a source image file for which the issue can be reproduced.
  3. the project that can help to reproduce the issue.
  4. the full version of OS.
  5. a log file with programs the system calls, when the error message appears. This file can be obtained via dtrace/dtruss utility (for Mac OS X versions starting from 10.5) or ktrace (for Mac OS X versions before 10.5). 
  6. FREngine log file (to get it to use the StartLogging method of the Engine object).

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