PDF Bookmarks in FineReader Engine

How to save bookmark

Unfortunately, keeping bookmarks like in the input PDF (a tree-view structure) is not possible in the current Engine version. Bookmarks can only be saved as local clickable hyperlinks.

How to create bookmark

Regular PDF bookmarks are not supported in FineReader Engine. The only thing we can currently suggest for navigation inside the PDFs is local hyperlinks that, however, cannot be represented as tree-like regular PDF bookmarks. You can assign a hyperlink to a word or phrase and define a destination point where it should be jumped to if you click the hyperlink. While hovering over hyperlinks, the mouse pointer i.e. cursor is changed in a usual way.

How to create such bookmarks in Engine:

  1. Add a bookmark using IParagraph::SetBookmark method.
  2. Create a hyperlink using IEngine::CreateHyperlink method and specify HS_Local type for its scheme (IHyperlink::Scheme).
  3. Set an address where the hyperlink points to via IHyperlink::Target. It should be the name of a bookmark created in step 1.
  4. Use IParagraph::SetHyperlink to add a hyperlink to a paragraph.

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