How to generate AInfo report in SDK products


How to generate an AInfo report in SDK products?


Retrieve the report by performing the following steps:

  1. Run the AInfo utility (AInfo.exe) from the <Installation folder>/Bin64/Support or <Installation folder>/Bin/Support folder.
  2. A dialog box will open, displaying some of the system information. Save this information to a ZIP file.

The AInfo utility can also be run via the command line in silent mode. Command usage:

> Alnfo.exe [/language:code] [/language:code]... [/file:name]
/language -- interface language
/file -- file name (absolute path) for results

An example of using it:

> AInfo.exe /file:"C:\tmp\"


  • It may be necessary to reproduce the issue before collecting logs.
  • No personal information or information about the user’s computer is collected. You can view all the saved information in the created archive.

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