The error message ERR_PROT_HARDLOCK_UNPLUGGED can occur when the customer try to use Engine from the different threads.

If you work with FREngine object directly (do not load it using inproc or outproc loaders), then the Engine object is a singleton. If you use Engine in multiple threads of a single instance of your application, one and the same instance of Engine object is used in these threads. In this case, the behavior of the application is unpredictable and various errors may occur, access violation sharing location is among them. When you are trying to access the same USB license from multiple threads of a single instance of the application, ERR_PROT_HARDLOCK_UNPLUGGED is a typical error to occur.

Please check that Engine object is initialized, used and deinitialized within one STA-thread.

You can use safe-thread methods of Engine loading. See the description in Help: “Help → Guided Tour → Advanced Techniques → Different Ways to Load the Engine Object”.

FCEngine 9: update is required

If you use FlexiCapture Engine 9, please contact the support to download the latest release from our ftp. There were some fixes concerning the similar issues in it.

Other reason

If the issue still occurs, please send the following information to the technical support (support contacts are in support locator):

  • your first and last name;
  • the name of your organization;
  • the serial number of your ABBYY FineReader Engine 10 package;
  • a description of the problem;
  • Ainfo report.

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