Java & 64-bit Computers

Use OutprocLoader

Since the 5th release of FR Engine 10, distributives include two versions of the Java wrapper (FREngine.JNI.dll) in com.abbyy.FREngine.jar: 32-bit for x86 architecture and 64-bit for x64 architecture. The appropriate DLL is selected based on Java machine bitness.

To use FREngine in a 64-bit Java application, OutprocLoader must be called in order to get the IEngine interface.

Sample Code

private void loadEngine() {
            displayMessage( "Initializing Engine..." );
            engineLoader = Engine.CreateEngineOutprocLoader();
            engine = engineLoader.GetEngineObject( SamplesConfig.GetDeveloperSN(), null, null );

private void unloadEngine() {
            displayMessage( "Deinitializing Engine..." );
            engine = null;

Use 32-bit Java

Also you can use 32-bit Java to run your FR Engine-based application on 64-bit machines. The Java sample provided with the FREngine distribution works if you run it in a 32-bit Java environment on a 64-bit OS.

This can also be done with applications that use the FlexiCapture Engine.

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