Does FineReader Engine write installation logs?


Does FineReader Engine write installation logs in case some issues occur during the installation and/or the installation fails? Where can these logs be found?


Here are some common issues that can cause errors during FineReader Engine installation:

  • insufficient access rights for the installation;
  • conflict with the antivirus software;
  • a missing Windows update;
  • insufficient disk space.

During the installation, several log files are written into the %TEMP% folder:

  • ABBYYMsiLog.txt
  • ABBYY_FineReader_Engine_12_(64_bit)_YYYYMMDDhhmmss.log
  • ABBYY_FineReader_Engine_12_(64_bit)_YYYYMMDDhhmmss_000_FREnginex64.log

Note: %TEMP% is a system environment variable that resolves to the actual path to the temp folder. The temp folder can be opened by pasting %TEMP% into the Windows Explorer address string.

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