When is the Gothic page license counter decreased?


When a document is processed with the Gothic text type and one of the predefined Gothic recognition languages, the Gothic counter doesn't change but the regular page counter goes down. Why does this happen? Which page counter should be decreased when the text type is set to Normal+Gothic?


The regular page counter will be decreased instead of the Gothic one if no text blocks or table blocks are found on the page during page analysis. For instance, this may happen when text of insufficient quality is detected as a picture.

With the Gothic text type or any combination of text types that includes Gothic used for document processing, the page counters will be decreased as follows:

  • if any text block or table block was found on a page, the Gothic counter will be decreased.
  • if no text or table blocks are found on a page, the common page counter will be decreased.

Note: The Gothic page counter cannot be decreased or used when the regular counter is at 0 and is therefore insufficient to process a single regular page.

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