Image's Resolution is Too Low, Too High, or Undefined


The following error message appears: “Page 0 of the image file cannot be opened due to the following error: The resolution of the image is too low, too high, or undefined. Please, specify the correct resolution or enable automatic overwriting of resolution.” 


This error occurs when the AutoOverwriteResolution property of PrepareImageMode object is set to FALSE and the resolution of an image which the program is trying to process is too low (less than 50 dpi), too high (more than 3200 dpi), or undefined.

Solution 1


PrepareImageMode.OverwriteResolution = true
PrepareImageMode.XResolutionToOverwrite = Correct_Resolution 
PrepareImageMode.XResolutionToOverwrite = Correct_Resolution

Solution 2 (alternate to Solution 1)


 PrepareImageMode.AutoOverwriteResolution = true

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