How to increase plain text processing speed


I want to maximize text recognition speed. I only need recognized text, extraction coordinates, the confidence rating for words and line segmentation, and i don't need any of the data on font, color, blocks or any of the other data. How can I do it?


Here are some basic tips on speeding up processing in FRE12:

  • Call the LoadModule method with appropriate Engine module right after you create the Engine object. This prepares all of the modules for processing and reduces the time it takes to process the first image.
  • Call FREngine.LoadPredefinedProfile("TextExtraction_Speed") before processing. More information in Help, chapter "API Reference > Engine Object (IEngine Interface) > Supplementary Methods > LoadPredefinedProfile Method of the Engine Object".
    Here is the list of settings, which are applied by TextExtraction_Speed profile:
  • [ObjectsExtractionParams]
    DetectPorousText = FALSE
    DetectTextOnPictures = TRUE
    EnableAggressiveTextExtraction = TRUE
    FastObjectsExtraction = TRUE
    ProhibitColorImage = TRUE
    RemoveGarbage = TRUE
    RemoveTexture = FALSE

  • [PageAnalysisParams]
    DetectPictures = FALSE
    EnableTextExtractionMode = TRUE
    ProhibitModelAnalysis = TRUE

  • [PrepareImageMode]
    CorrectSkew = FALSE
    DiscardColorImage = TRUE
    UseFastBinarization = TRUE

  • [RecognizerParams]
    FastMode = TRUE

  • [SynthesisParamsForDocument]
    DetectDocumentStructure = FALSE
    DetectFontFormatting = FALSE

  • [SynthesisParamsForPage]
    DetectFontFormattingAtPageLevel = TRUE
    DetectTextColor = TSPV_Yes
    DetectMatrixPrinter = FALSE


  • Make sure that input images come in recommended quality (300dpi, grayscale for letter-based languages and 400-600 dpi for hieroglyphic language). Low input quality slows down the processing.

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