Missing resource modules


Why does the message “For prefix 'FREngine'/'TechResources'/'ProtectionRes'/'nlcmorphores'/etc resource modules for the following languages: … are missing” occur?


It could be to possible reasons for the issue.

1. If you have used the manual installation, then probably you did not put the files with name FREngineXX.dll, where XX is your current system language code.
Interface language identifiers are specified in FineReader Engine help, chapter "Distribution" → "ABBYY FineReader Engine Distribution Kit".

2. This message appears in the Engine log when FREngine.dll has not been registered or has been registered incorrectly. To register FREngine.dll, use the following command line: 

regsvr32 /s /n /i:"<path to the Inc folder>" "<path to FREngine.dll>


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