Page orientation is incorrect in the output document. What should I do?


If page orientation is detected incorrectly first of all set

 IPageProcessingParams::DetectOrientation = true

Then verify the mode of page orientation detection you use:

  1. The fast mode provides the fastest speed of orientation detection at the cost of a moderately decreased quality. To turn on this mode set property
    OrientationDetectionParams::OrientationDetectionMode = ODM_Fast.
  2. Normal mode is an intermediate mode between thorough and fast modes. This mode will be suitable in most cases. To turn on this mode set property
    OrientationDetectionParams::OrientationDetectionMode = ODM_Normal.
  3. The thorough mode provides the best quality of orientation detection. This mode is highly recommended when the document you recognize contains CJK and non-CJK characters. To turn on this mode set property
    IOrientationDetectionParams::OrientationDetectionMode = ODM_Thorough.

If it is appropriate for your scenario you can use properties which prohibit clockwise, counterclockwise and/or upsidedown rotations:

  • IOrientationDetectionParams::ProhibitClockwiseRotation = TRUE,
  • IOrientationDetectionParams::ProhibitCounterclockwiseRotation = TRUE 
  • IOrientationDetectionParams::ProhibitUpsidedownRotation = TRUE 

Note that all these properties must not have TRUE value at the same time.

In case none of the mentioned recommendations were helpful, please send to technical support (support contacts are in support locator support locator) the following additional information:

  1. The detailed description of your scenario,
  2. The settings you use in your application,
  3. The sample image you recognize,
  4. The FineReader Engine log.

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