File is corrupted


When I try to open an image the message “File is corrupted” occurs. What should I do?


FineReader Engine supports opening images in the following formats:

  • Uncompressed BMP;
  • DCX
  • DjVu;
  • GIF, LZW-compressed;
  • JBIG2;
  • JPEG 2000;
  • JPEG (JFIF format);
  • PCX;
  • PDF;
  • PNG;
  • TIFF;
  • WDP.

If the image does not belong to any of the formats above or it has some misplaced bytes, then FineReader Engine will fail to open that image. 


As a workaround for opening a corrupted image, we can suggest the following solutions:

  • change options of the scanner and save the image, for example, in another format;
  • re-save by another program before processing.

In case these recommendations are not useful for you, please send this image to the technical support service.

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