Error during Engine initialization or working with Licensing Service: Error 1920 Licensing service failed to start


The Engine object initialization or launching of Licensing Service fails, due to the error:

Error 1920 Licensing service failed to start


In some cases, it is noticed that an antivirus is blocking access to the Licensing Server folders.


The following default folders should be fully accessible and should be added to antivirus exceptions:

  • %ProgramData%\ABBYY\SDK\12\FineReader Engine
  • %ProgramData%\ABBYY\SDK\12\License

Note: if another folder for the FineReader Engine data folder instead of the default one is used, then the same access rights must be granted to it. Pass the path to the folder as the FREngineDataFolder parameter of the InitializeEngine function or method of the IEngineLoader interface.


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