Standalone, Network and Cloud license's types

Each license can have one of the following types:

    • Standalone — for local work on a single computer;
    • Network — licenses will be located on the server and passed down to workstations through the network. This type of license can also support a redundant configuration with two license servers.
    • Cloud - the license will be located in ABBYY Cloud and passed down to workstations through the Internet. This type of licensing can only work with an active Internet connection.

Standalone configuration 

(*) means that the Licensing Service must be installed

The Standalone configuration implies that everything happens on one single machine: the SDK product (e.g. FineReader Engine) is installed, the Licensing Service (including the License Manager utility) is installed, the Standalone License is activated.

      Network configuration    

(*) means that the Licensing Service must be installed

The Network configuration implies that you have several machines in your environment. And you want to use the SDK product on several machines using one license. One machine should be a Network Licensing Server where the license is located and activated and other machines will be workstations where SDK is installed and the OCR process is run.

The Network Licensing Server must be a machine with the static IP-address. On this machine, the Licensing Service must be installed. The Network license must be activated. If you want to use this machine as a workstation too, you can install the entire product.

On each workstation, the SDK product must be installed. The Licensing Service is not necessary.

The number of concurrent connections (workstations working at the same time) is defined in parameters of your license. The connection between the Network Licensing Server and workstations is established using the LicensingSettings.xml files. On workstations in these files you must specify the DNS name or IP address of the computer where the Licensing Service is installed. The detailed information and instructions can be found in the Help file.

The Cloud license works similar to the Network license, expect by fact that the license is hosted in ABBYY servers, not in your local network.

In such a case, the license does not require activation. But the active internet connection is required for the license to work correctly. 

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