The “Unspecified error” message


Why do I get the “Unspecified error” message when I try to use Engine?


The message “Unspecified error” may occur when FlexiCapture Engine is used by 64-bit version of Java.

FlexiCapture Engine has only 32-bit native support. In order to use FlexiCapture Engine on Java you can either use 32-bit version of Java or you can load Engine in the out-of-process mode (by means of the OutprocLoader object).

This article can be helpful in case of using FlexiCapture Engine with the 32-bit version of Java on a machine with 64 bit system architecture.

Also you can find more information about loading Engine in Java in the article: "Help" → "Guided Tour" → "Advanced Techniques" → "Programming Aspects" → "Using in Java".

Finally the article “Different ways to load the Engine Object” may also be useful. Please check it in "Help" → "Guided Tour" → "Advanced Techniques" → "Programming Aspects" → "Different ways to load the Engine Object".

Just in case, please also make sure that in file SetEnv.cmd you specify a valid path for JDK on your machine.

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