USB key is not detected

If the program can't find the license file in the software protection dongle, you can do the following:

  1. Check if the green LED in the software protection dongle is glowing. If it isn't, the dongle may be damaged and you may have to replace it. To replace a software protection dongle, please contact the manager from whom you acquired it.
  2. Check if the USB port is working by connecting other devices to it. Try inserting the software protection dongle into a different USB port.
  3. If you are using an iKey dongle, try downloading a newer iKey driver from the website of the manufacturer (SafeNet) and installing it. Before installing the new driver, uninstall the old one (it should be called SafeNet iKey Driver or Rainbow iKey Driver in the Add or Remove Programs window) and restart the computer.
  4. In some cases the driver fails to detect the dongle. This problem occurs on a number of operating systems, including Windows Server 2000, Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003 and Windows 7. To resolve this issue, the engineers of SafeNet, the company that makes the dongle, have proposed installing the latest version of the driver in non-PC/SC mode. This makes it impossible to use USB dongles as smart cards. To install the driver in non-PC/SC mode, launch the installer from the command line with the VR parameter set to OFF (make sure all of the letters in the parameter and it's value are capitalized). The command should look like this: 

    iKeyDrvr.msi VR=OFF 


    How to check if the driver was installed in non-PC/SC mode.

    1. Install the iKey Token Utitlity: download the iKeyAll*.zip (version or depending on what version will be successfully installed on you PC) archive from this article, unpack it (the password is "abbyy") and double-click iKeyAll.exe. Please note that the iKey Token Utility is not made by ABBYY.
    2. Launch the iKey Token Utility by double-clicking iKeyTU.exe in C:\Program Files\SafeNet\iKey Components\Bin.
    3. Click the Software button.
    4. Make sure the value of the PC/SC parameter is OFF.
    5. If the value of the PC/SC mode parameter is ON, the smart card mode is still enabled, and you should re-install the iKey driver. When installing the driver, make sure you specify the correct path to the installation file and pay close attention to capital letters in the command.

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