Standard Return Codes (COM)

Return code Value Description
S_OK 0 (&H00000000L) Method completed successfully.
E_OUTOFMEMORY -2147024882 (&H8007000EL) There was not enough memory to perform the operation.
E_UNEXPECTED -2147418113 (&H8000FFFFL) Unexpected internal error.
E_ABORT -2147467260 (&H80004004L) Operation was aborted by the user.
E_NOTIMPL -2147467263 (&H80004001L) Method is not implemented.
E_POINTER -2147467261 (&H80004003L) Invalid pointer argument.
E_INVALIDARG -2147024809 (&H80070057L) One or more arguments are invalid.
CO_E_OBJNOTCONNECTED -2147220995 (&H800401FDL) A pointer to an object was passed that is no longer valid (this object was destroyed).
CLASS_E_NOTLICENSED -2147221230 (&H80040112L) This copy of ABBYY FineReader Engine is not registered.
CO_E_NOT_SUPPORTED -2147467231 (&H80004021L) Some property or method is not available under the current license.
E_FAIL -2147467259 (&H80004005L) Unspecified error.

 Note: These return codes you can find in the Microsoft® Platform Software Development Kit (SDK) header file winerror.h.

Here is a list of interface-specific return codes of ABBYY FineReader Engine functions and properties. All these codes are defined in the ABBYY FineReader Engine type library.

Return code Value Description
FREN_E_PATTERN_TRAINING_ABORTED -2147221503 (&H80040001) Pattern training was aborted by the user.

Other return codes are possible, specifically those related to file system errors.

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