Can not find needed characters creating a new language in FineReader PDF 15

If you can't find needed characters in a Unicode table of a new language creation dialog, please follow the steps below:

Searching for characters in the system:

  1. Type Win+R on your keyboard;
  2. Type charmap;
  3. In the opened characters table choose the font and find the characters you need. 

If you have found the characters:

  1. Open the Alphabet selection window of the new language creation dialog of Finereader PDF 15;
  2. Past all alphabet characters you need to the following line:
  3. Press OK and finish the process of new language creation;
  4. Start the recognition with training process.

If you haven't found the characters:

  1. Download and install the font that supports characters you need;
  2. Check if needed characters now appear in FineReader PDF 15;
  3. If the situation persists, proceed to the Searching for characters in the system section of this instruction.

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