Image editor functions in FineReader PDF for iOS

Turn on Batch mode in the upper left corner to edit images after all photos are taken.

Turn off Batch mode to edit the image right after you take the shot.

In the image editor interface:

  • Press Delete to delete a specific page.
  • Press Retake to take the shot of a page again.
  • Use the Crop function to edit the result of the auto-crop or manually configure the edges of the page.
  • Use the Filters function to change the image appearance:
    • Original - no filters applied;
    • B/W - makes a colored image black-and-white and increases contrast;
    • Grayscale - makes a colored image black-and-white;
    • Color - increases contrast of a colored image.

Last used filter will be applied to all later added images.

  • Choose the orientation of a page with the Rotate function.


Choose the function you need and press the yellow Apply to all button in the lower edge of the screen to change the appearance of all pages.

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