Access Violation on Java


I get Access Violation on Java. What should I do?


  1. In your code the Engine.DeinitializeEngine method must be called.
  2. DeinitializeEngine cannot be called in the same thread as the GetEngineObject method. 
    Check the FREngine log. It should not contain entries like "Engine should be initialized and deinitialized in the same thread".
  3. In case you initialize the Engine object in one thread and use it in the other, PDF Support should be initialized in the same thread as the Engine object. You can do it by calling
    engine.LoadModule( FREngineModuleEnum.FREM_PDF );
  4. In case the FREngine log contains entries "Wrong thread!", check that all calls to the Engine object are synchronized. In can be done explicitly or by Inproc/Outproc loading.

In case none of this is useful for you, send the detailed description of the issue to ABBYY Support Team.

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