How to synchronize contacts from ABBYY BCR for Android with MS Outlook

ABBYY Business Card Reader enables you to synchronize the recognized contacts with the Outlook account through your phone contacts list. To do so, follow the steps below:

  1. Setup synchronization of your mobile device contacts with your Outlook account:
  • On your mobile device tap Settings > Accounts;
  • Tap Add account button and log in to your Outlook account;
  • After the account is logged in, open it, choose Account sync and synchronize Contacts;
  1. Run ABBYY BCR;
  2. Go to Settings > Default Account, turn Save to default account function on and choose your Outlook account;
  3. In Settings tap Save contacts to and select Application and addressbook.

To synchronize contacts that were saved to your phones addressbook directly, follow the steps below:

  1. Open your phones addressbook;
  2. Tap More > Organize/Manage contacts > Copy contacts;
  3. Choose option where you need to copy contacts from (Device/Phone);
  4. Choose option where you need to copy contacts to (your Outlook account).

Steps may differ for each device, please contact ABBYY Support team if you need any guidance.

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