How to send your business card using iMessage

To send your business card from BCR to new contacts using iMessage for the very first time, do the following settings:

  1. Open iMessage and go to conversations;
  2. Tap App Store button next to the text box. At the bottom of the screen, there will be shown the icons of all applications on the device that can be displayed in iMessage;
  3. If there is no BCR icon, scroll to the last icon and tap More…;
  4. Tap Edit;
  5. Add BCR to iMessage by flicking on the switch to the right;
  6. Tap the green “+” icon on the left to add BCR to Favorites.

To send a business card using iMessage:

  1. Go to the conversation;
  2. Tap App Store button next to the text box and select BCR;
  3. Create a new business card or send an existing one from the My cards list.

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