How to import PDFs to FineScanner for iOS

To import PDF documents to FineScanner for further recognition, do the following:

  1. Open the My files application on your iPhone;
  2. Select PDF and tap Share;
  3. Choose FineScanner from the list of apps. Your file will be loaded to the app and opened. Now you can open any page and add a signature, highlight text, hide sensitive information with a special patch, etc;
  4. To edit text, tap Recognize, select a language and the format of recognition results. After finishing the recognition process, resulting document can be edited.


For iPad users

iPad also allows to edit text according to the method specified above. However, starting from iOS 11, tablet is also equipped with Drag&Drop. With this interactive feature, there is no need to swap between windows, simply drag a document into the required application:

  1. Tap a PDF which should be added to FineScanner;
  2. Hold it and tap Home button, then drag the document onto FineScanner icon and to the document list on the left;
  3. Release the document and the application will open it;
  4. Now document can be edited or recognized like on iPhone. Recognition results may be also dragged and dropped to a mail client or any other application.

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