Settings, part 2. Recognition, exchange business cards and cardholder in BCR for iOS


Recognition languages 

Go to this section to choose business cards recognition languages. 25 languages available. You can choose up to 3 languages at a time. English is chosen by default for correct Email addresses recognition. 

Format phone number 

Turn on this function if you want phone numbers to be automatically converted into the international format by adding country code. 


Go to this section to choose business cards storage placesAvailable options: 

  1. CardHolder - scanned business cards will be stored only in BCR.
  2. CardHolder and Contacts - scanned business cards will be stored in BCR and iPhone Contacts. 
  3. CardHolder and Salesforce - scanned business cards will be stored in BCR and exported to Salesforce Lead. 
  4. CardHolder, Contacts and Salesforce - scanned business cards will be stored in BCR and iPhone Contacts and also exported to Salesforce Lead.
  5. Always ask - if you turn on this option, BCR will always ask where to store scanned business card. 

You can read the information about what to do if contacts are not saved to the device contact list in this article

Exchange business cards

Auto-send to Email 

Go to this section to set up your business card sending, language and welcome email text. Settings available:  

  1. Message language - choose language of welcome email with your business card.
  2. Send automatically - turn on if you want welcome email with your business card attached to be sent after every business card scanning. 
  3. My card - choose a business card out of My card folder that you want to be attached to your welcome email.
  4. Template text - set up welcome email text.

Create your business card 

Go to this section to create your business card manually, without scanning the paper one: 

  1. Fill in all the needed fields. 
  2. «Add logo» - if you want to place company logo on your business card, you can take a photo of it from your colleague's business card or any other materials. Use cropping to select the logo area. Click on the “Magic Wand” at the bottom of the screen to improve the brightness and contrast of the photo.  
  3. Click on the checkmark in the upper right corner. Your business card is created! 

You can read information about setting up automatic sending of business cards in BCR for iOS in this article



Turn on this function if you want to take pictures of business cards using flash. You can also turn on/off flash on the camera screen.

Save picture

Turn on this function if you want to save photos to camera gallery.

Enhance images

Turn on this function if you want BCR to improve brightness and contrast of photos automatically. 



Go to this section if you want to edit business card groups: 

Edit - click on this button to delete or rearrange business card groups. 

Add new group - click on this button to create new business card group. You can also create new group from search panel on the main screen by pressing +Create group. 


Go to this section to create backup of your business cards. Follow the instructions on the screen. 


Go to this section to restore purchases from backup. 

You can read about creating a backup copy of the cardholder and restoring purchases in the article.

Show ABBYY news 

Turn on this function to receive advertising and marketing messages from ABBYY: email newsletters or push-notifications about new app features, promotions, and discounts. 

Improve ABBYY services 

Turn on this function to help us to improve ABBYY BCR by sharing app usage data. 

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    Pooja Alimchandani

    My ABBYY BCR app is not allowing me to scan more business cards. It always shows the message, “No Recognitions Left”, please help


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