FineReader 15 Change Log

What's new in the latest release of ABBYY FineReader 15? Below there is a short information about FineReader 15 updates.

Part # 1380/8, 1381/8, 1382/8, 1395/3
Release date: 26.12.2019

New features and improvements:

  • Full document preview for PDFs in Windows Explorer and Microsoft Outlook: scroll through the pages before opening the document.
  • Faster PDF opening
  • Improved table and text extraction from PDFs: better usability, improved retention of text formatting.
  • New, informative FineReader 15 update notifications in Windows 10: click “Download” to run the update or “Learn More” to find out what’s new in it.
  • New in-product update notification with “Update Available” button.

List of the bugs fixed:

  • Security vulnerability in “ABBYY network license server” service allowed local user to gain privileged access on local computer via manipulations involving files and using symbolic links on Microsoft Windows (CVE-2019-20383). ABBYY credits Vasily Kravets for responsibly reporting the vulnerability.
  • The program could crash when merging PDF documents with bookmarks into one.
  • In OCR Editor, structure of a table wasn’t retained when copying it from the Text pane.
  • Text doubling when saving to searchable PDFs “text under image” type and with MRC on.
  • The program could crash when converting text files with some specific fonts to PDF.
  • Korean characters entered in the Search field in PDF Editor could disappear.
  • Errors when printing PDFs from FineReader could happen if Adobe Reader was also installed.
  • Interactive PDF form fields were not displayed when using drawing tools.
  • When adjusting table grid before extracting the table from a PDF, the grid image wasn’t updated on screen.
  • Fields of an interactive PDF form could remain interactive when saving it to image-only PDF.

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Part # 1380/7, 1381/7, 1382/7, 1395/2
Release date: 07.11.2019

New features and improvements:

  • Editing of underlined text in digital PDF documents.
  • Adding underline to text in digital PDF documents.
  • Reduced time for preparing PDF documents for editing.
  • Improved recognition (OCR) quality and speed for Arabic.
  • Improved tables detection and analysis.
  • Quick Start Guide is available any time from Help menu.

List of the bugs fixed:

  • An error when converting some PDF documents created by Konica Minolta MFPs.
  • An error when converting MS Word files to PDF under Windows 10 x64.
  • Words adjacent to some special symbols were submitted for verification as non-dictionary.

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Part # 1380/5, 1381/5, 1382/5
Release date: 23.08.2019

Maintenance release (bugfix).

List of the bugs fixed:

  • Sort By and Filter tools for comments become unavailable.

Part #1380/4, 1381/4, 1382/4
Release date: 27.07.2019

Maintenance release (bug fixes and usability improvements).

Part # 1380/3, 1381/3
Release date: 09.07.2019

The first release.

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